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Our special Mum&Baby set has been created to strengthen the bond between a mother and her children. It includes our best selection of natural oils for her and the little ones, as well as our delicate Profumo di Mamma.

What you get with this pack:

  • Baby Elixir: Its formula is enriched with calendula extract, which has protective, soothing and repairing properties. Perfect for preventing skin drying and keeping the skin soft. This makes it the ideal complement for infant massage, a tool that enhances mother-child contact and provides multiple benefits.

  • Profumo di mamma: This perfume has been specifically created to become that special scent that a mother and her child will remember forever. A sweet, delicate and powdery scent that will reinforce the strong bond between the two.

  • Natural Beauty Elixir: 100% natural care for skin, hair and nails. Perfect for use during pregnancy.

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