We know pregnancy is a time of excitement, change, and anticipation, as well as it is for your skin. If you’re about to be a mom or you just became one, these are the skincare do’s and don'ts and some tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing with our “pregnant friendly”products. 


1. Look for natural and organic ingredients 

Always best to opt for natural and organic skincare products always. Our oils for example, are free from the harmful and synthetic ingredients that can irritate the skin. Formulated with 100% oils, they are completely safe to use during and after pregnancy. Look for skincare products that contain natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Avocado Oil… Our Natural Beauty Elixir and Contouring Body Oil are the perfect products to use during and after your pregnancy. 

Find here our tips to apply our Contouring Body Oil on your tummy to prevent stretch marks and bloating. 

2. Practice sun protection

Pregnant women are more susceptible to skin damage from the sun. It's essential to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Thanks to our Perfect Face Sun Cream with hyaluronic acid you will achieve full hydration and protection with only one product. Don’t forget to wear a hat and avoid being in direct sunlight during peak hours.

3. Keep the skin hydrated

During pregnancy, the skin can become dry and dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water can help keep the skin hydrated from the inside out. If your skin becomes red and itchy our S.O.S Face Mask will help soothe and freshen your skin, the ingredients of it being totally pregnant “friendly” 


1. Avoid certain skincare ingredients

It's essential to avoid certain skincare ingredients during pregnancy, as your skin is more sensitive than ever. Retinoids, salicylic acid, Vitamin E… are some ingredients that are best avoided during pregnancy. Retinoids can be found in anti-aging creams. The good news is, our Platinum Pro Cream and Peptide Concentrate are free from retinoids and will leave similar effects in it, thanks to its complex and great composition. 

2. Always consult with a healthcare professional

It's always best to also consult with a dermatologist before using any skincare products during pregnancy. He will advise you on what skincare products and ingredients are safe to use during this time and for your type of skin. 


In conclusion, if you want your skin to stay healthy and radiant throughout your pregnancy and after your labor follow these instructions and products recommended below. 

Stay away from harsh ingredients like Retinoids, salicylic acid, Vitamin E… which means putting on hold our following products: 

  • Essential Face Cream and Platinum Beauty Drops: for its presence of Vitamin E
  • S.O.S Drying Lotion and Purifying Skin Toner: for its presence of salicylic acid. 

Also, in honor of Mum Day we have created our special Mum Set: 
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05 maggio 2023 — Staff MQM